Independent R&D

Experienced professional R&D team for advanced technology innovation

and always keep the leader of agriculture and animal husbandry industry.

Strict test standard

Advanced test equipment and careful work style to ensure good quality of products.

Excellent after-sale service

We always keep "fast, high quality, meticulous"

as the purpose of service level

to provide you with technical support

and sultivation solution.

Ampicillin Sodium Soluble Powder

Use synergistic carrier to improve therapeutic effects

北京快乐8_开户 - 顶级信誉娱乐平台Overcome the drug damage in gastric acid to improve the utilization.

北京快乐8_开户 - 顶级信誉娱乐平台Improve the disadvantage of rapid drug metabolism in body and metabolism time will be prolonged by three times.  

北京快乐8_开户 - 顶级信誉娱乐平台No toxic side effect and safe for all animals.

Cefquinome Sulfate Injection

● The fourth generation of cephalosporin specially use for animals

Used for the treatment of bacterial respiratory diseases

Specific medicine for the treatment of mixed infection

Adopting high speed dispersing emulsification technology






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